I am a storyteller. I tell my stories using many different media: I write, draw, paint, act, dance; animation to me is a mixture of all of them, a never ending challenge and game to combine arts in order to bring an idea to life. 

I work as a freelance animation film maker and I create music videos, commercials and educational videos.
I work with established musicians looking for something new and fresh, and with small bands just starting out on their adventure; I collaborate with teachers and volunteers to give school children videos that will engage them and make them laugh while teaching them about health; I create videos for businesses with a history and for startups, looking for that perfect mix of old and new. 

Tell me what story is swirling in your mind and watch your idea come to life!




What people say about my work:

“Sara did wonderful work for us in the form of an animated music video.
Professional, reliable and very communicative, she went above and beyond what was requested of her, and we are extremely happy with the result.”

Irene, ISQ

“Honestly, I’m not sure why you haven’t hired Sara for your animation project yet! She’s extremely talented, easy to communicate with, and professional. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final product!”

Isaiah Sturge

“It has been a pleasure working with Sara. She made sure to deliver the work perfectly as wanted. Will love to work with her more often.”

Noon, Earthio Café

“Working with Sara is like working with a friend. Despite the demands placed on her she patiently works through the story and will not give up until you are happy. Her artwork is amazing and she brings to life the message and the story in wonderful colour. We will be working with Sara again real soon.”

Phil, Suburban Myth

“Sara worked hard and carefully to meet our every need. She went the extra mile to make sure our video conveyed the message we intended it to.”

Renier, Defy Theory

“Sara was a pleasure to work with. She really listened to what our requirements were and delivered with true professionalism. Would definitely work with her again.”

Ben, Ben Russel and the Charmers

“Great collab, Sara came up with some awesome ideas and was willing to take suggestions on board to make our project come to life. Highly recommended!”

Tom, Postculture

“Sara understood very well how to capture the atmosphere of the song and to concretize and implement a vague idea of mine. Great artist, great work.”

Sar, Frantic

“Sara was super responsive and was able to bring to life a very complex creative idea in a beautiful way that perfectly conveyed the message of the song. Definitely recommend her work!”

Alba Cespedes

“Sara had an intuitive understanding of the brief and a determination to provide a solution that was both creative and made-to-measure.”

Stephen, Thomas Alexander Consultants

“Love the finished product!”

Art, Art Munson

“The best person I’ve worked with! She put so much time and effort into delivering the best quality product possible and surpassed my incredibly high expectations. Not only did she take my ideas and bring them to life, but she helped me tell a story in my art, precisely the way I was trying to tell it. Sara is incredibly hard working and never once complained about me requesting any changes. In fact, she encouraged them because she cares that deeply about delivering the best quality product possible. She is that selfless. I am extremely glad that I made the decision to work with her and I encourage you to do the same!”

Jordan, Jordan Joseph